Recycling green resources: Development of new way of biomass gas power generation


Fig. 1 System flow of gasification plant

Fig. 2 Biomass gasification plant


Tekken developed a new recycling system: Biomass gas power generation system that utilizes gas generated by thermal decomposition of branches and grass cut in the process of operation and maintenance of expressways.
(This system has been used to transmit power to Nasukogen service area on the Tohoku Expressway from April 2016.)

By this system, chipped biomass is dried in a drying machine and then heated and charred in a pyrolytic furnace to be decomposed into pyrolysis gas and carbide. Water is sprayed to tar and/or finely powdered soot included in the pyrolytic gas for purification of the gas. Then, the thermally decomposed gas thus purified is sent to a power generator and mixed with auxiliary fuel (heavy fuel oil A) for power generation.




Gasification plant extracts combustible gas by drying chipped biomass and heating it in a kiln, and the gas thus generated is used as fuel for an engine generator and the kiln. The biomass after the extraction of the gas is retracted as residue (refer to Fig. 1 and 2 below).

Invention of the system, which automatically controls temperature for thermal decomposition of the biomass to reduce generation of tar (Japanese Patent Application Number 2016-194006), enables use of “material having high water content ratio and grass”, which could not be used for biomass power generation using existing technology and therefore was disposed in the past.

The energy generated by the biomass gasification plant can be utilized not only as electric power but also as thermal energy.

Moreover, the amount of waste to be disposed can also be reduced as the residue generated by the thermal decomposition becomes one-twentieth of the original volume of the chips (one-tenth by weight).



East Nippon Expressway Company Limited


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