About "Challenge Zero"

“Challenge Zero” is a new initiative by Keidanren (Japan Business Federation), in collaboration with the Japanese government, aiming to proactively publicize and support actions to create innovation taken by companies and organizations towards a "decarbonized society" which the Paris Agreement (the international framework on climate change) sets as the long-term goal.

Participating companies and organizations show their support for the “Declaration on ‘Challenge Zero’" and announce their concrete actions (see "Participating Companies and Organizations" and "Innovation Challenges").

Through promoting "Challenge Zero," Keidanren will encourage ESG investment in companies that take on challenges towards a decarbonized society and collaboration among/across industries, academia, and the government to create innovations.

Encouraging ESG investment and collaboration through "Challenge Zero" (Image)

※ For a company or organization interested in joining "Challenge Zero" or in need of adding/modifying its challenges on the website, please contact us via the "Inquiry Form".