Supporting Innovation through Insurance Products and Services Utilizing Real Data and Digital Technology and ESG Investment

Sompo Holdings, Inc.


Based on our Group Management Philosophy of "Contributing to the security, health, and wellbeing of our customers and society as a whole by providing insurance and related services of the highest quality possible" we are addressing to realize a decarbonized society through a wide range of business activities described below.

We will support the dissemination of renewable energy by providing risk management services that make use of the knowledge and expertise acquired in our non-life insurance business, which is our group’s core business, as well as real data and digital technologies.

By contributing to the development of automated driving and MaaS (Mobility as a Service), we aim to realize "the Mobility Revolution" through optimization of mobility, such as mitigating traffic congestion, improving fuel efficiency while driving, and realizing seamless public transportation.

Through our investment activities and products, we will support companies that are engaged in innovation in addressing ESG issues including climate change.

In order to improve these efforts, our group will strengthen dialogue and cooperation with various stakeholders.


1. Initiatives through Insurance Products and Services

(1) Dissemination of renewable energy
In addition to providing insurance, our group will work to promote renewable energy by providing risk management services throughout the wind power value chain, covering all project phases of the wind power business, from project planning and subsequent removal or replacement.

① Risk management service for wind power producers
In addition to knowledge gained through our non-life insurance business, we provide integrated risk management services from the planning stage to business operation based on the results of joint research with universities and research institutes, the technical knowledge of engineers affiliated with our group, and the data and knowledge gained through collaboration with companies that have multi-vendor wind power generation maintenance technologies.

② Assessment of the business soundness
Applying a risk assessment model jointly developed with universities for wind power generation projects, we analyze the financial impact of natural disasters by computer simulation, and evaluate the business soundness that can be useful for financial institutions for their investment and loan decisions.

・Onshore and offshore wind farm risk assessment model
・Financial risk assessment model for wind power projects
・Quantification of risks associated with wind power projects
・Quantification of the effects of maintenance and preventive maintenance of wind power projects

(2) Achieving a decarbonized society through optimization of mobility
Recognizing that zero emissions of local transportation plays an important role in the realization of a decarbonized society, our group aims to contribute to a decarbonized society by optimizing mobility, such as promoting automated driving and MaaS, making the most of the realistic data obtained through its insurance business.

① Realization of an automated driving society
Advances in automated driving technology are expected to greatly contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through improvements in energy efficiency, such as mitigating traffic congestion and improving fuel efficiency while driving, and the realization of seamless public transportation. At the same time, it enables safe transportation and contributes to solving problems in regions where the population aging is a critical social issue.

Our group aims to integrate digital technology with driving data obtained through its non-life insurance business and real data on traffic accidents, in order to build a self-driving demonstration platform equipped with the advanced digital risk assessment system of the "accident prevention, monitoring and compensation" required to demonstrate self-driving services.

We have established a research center for automated driving accident response services "Connected Support Center", and are engaged in joint research on "Level IV Discovery"*, an insurance solution that supports the demonstration of automated driving services, with the aim of realizing an automated driving society with "Improved safety" and "Low Cost".

* "Level IV Discovery" is a joint development based on a business alliance between Tia IV, , a company that develops automated driving systems, and Aisan Technology, a company with high precision 3D mapping and drive simulation technologies.

② Promoting the dissemination of MaaS
The development of the MaaS is expected to play an important role in filling the gap in the "Last One Mile" from stations and bus stops to destinations for a seamless regional transportation system. The realization of regional transport that does not rely on private cars will greatly contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Our group aims to promote MaaS by launching car sharing, private car leasing and parking lot sharing businesses. In addition, we provide insurance products and risk management services related to MaaS demonstration experiments and for operators of transportation support services such as municipalities and NPOs.
In the future, we will utilize automobile insurance data and our agencies network to further expand these businesses and contribute to the realization of "the Mobility Revolution".

In addition, our group has started efforts to share electric scooters, which are attracting attention as a means of solving the last one mile problem, and is developing special insurance and risk assessment to ensure safety.

2. Efforts through ESG Investment
Through its activities as an institutional investor, our group will support companies working to realize a decarbonized society.

In order to fulfill its responsibilities as an asset owner, Sompo Japan will actively engage in ESG-themed dialogues with the investee companies, share issues and directions that should be addressed as a company, and promote specific initiatives to address these issues, thereby supporting corporate innovation.

SOMPO Asset Management participates in Climate Action 100 +, a collective engagement on climate change, and actively support corporate initiatives.

They also participate in the Montreal Carbon Pledge and actively disclose greenhouse gas reductions in our investment portfolio in an effort to ascertain the greenhouse gas emissions of our investee companies.

The 'Sompo Japan Green Open' which has been offered since 1999, invests in companies that are actively taking environmental measures. The fund also aims to promote environmental communication by conveying environmental information to investors, and facilitating feedback to the investee companies via surveys on their environmental management performance.
Thus, a virtuous cycle is created through ESG investment by encouraging improved initiatives.
In fiscal year 2018, they received a Special Award in the General Category of the Minister of Environment Awards as an example of best practice in the Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century in recognition of the pioneering actions and high operating performance of this fund over a long period of time.

They will analyze data accumulated over more than 20 years to demonstrate the correlation between the environment and corporate growth, and will work to promote ESG investment and corporate innovation.

Our group will continue to evolve its initiatives through dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders and participation in initiatives. We will also work in partnership with NGOs to raise awareness and interest in environmental issues and develop human resources who can act voluntarily to resolve long-term issues, thereby contributing to the achievement of innovation toward a decarbonized society.

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