Contribution to decarbonization wth listeners and clients



  1. Switching of electricity to 100% renewable energy used by TBS Radio,Inc.
  2. Enlightenment of activities towards zero carbon and decarbonized society through the broadcasting of TBS Radio.
  3. Development of new advertising products that contribute to decarbonization
  4. Development of new products that contribute to households switching electricity to renewable energy.



  1. Switching to 100% renewable energy used at the Toda Radio Transmitting Station, the flagship station of TBS Radio(already done) / TBS Housing in all six venues in KANTO will be switched to 100% renewable energy. TBS housing exhibition center operated by TBS Radio,Inc./ And, there is a plan that we will switch to 100% renewable energy for the transmission of TBS Radio FM supplemental broadcasts.
  2. Campaigns to raise awareness of CO₂ reduction is ongoing through the broadcasting of TBS Radio. The campaigns introduce a wide range of actions that audience can do in their daily lives, as well as examples of corporate initiatives for a decarbonized society. Raising awareness of the audience towards a decarbonized society and the achievement of zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050.
  3. Plan to develop a new type of advertising products that contribute to the achievement of zero carbon. When we place an advert from companies that are actively using renewable energy or are making ongoing efforts to achieve a decarbonized society, a portion of the advertising money is re-invested in ESG.
  4. We will partner with electric power companies to switch household electricity to renewable energy. TBS Radio will also act as an agent to develop a product to sell the power plan.



minnadenryoku Co., Ltd.


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