Electrochemical C₂ Production from CO₂ and H₂O and the Appropriate System



Chiyoda is adopted in NEDO Feasibility Study Program from 2018 and is collaborating with RIKEN and Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd., aim to commercialize, in the 2030s, the Hybrid Electrocatalysts System which can produce basic chemical products (C₂ chemicals) directly from CO₂ and H₂O.

The system concept will be established with using the electrochemical cell including the developed catalyst-loaded electrode.


The purpose of this research is the production of basic C₂ products like C₂H₄ directly from CO₂ and H₂O under low-temperature and low-pressure conditions by using the electricity produced from renewable energy. The mechanisms of CO₂ reduction of newly developed Cu-based catalysts will be investigated.

 On the conventional method by using fossil fuel, The amount of CO₂ emissions is about 11 tons per ton of C₂H₄. In contrast, on this new method with electric power of thermal power stations can reduce a discharge of the CO₂ approximately 3 tons per ton of C₂H₄ in comparison with the conventional method.

 In addition, on this new method by using the electricity produced from renewable energy, about 3 tons of CO₂ per ton of C₂H₄ will be able to be utilized as carbon sources without emitting CO₂.

 In this research, we have been developing the high performance electrocatalyst which is the metal plate coated by Cu-based composite metal. We try developing of the electrocatalyst with selectivity C₂H₄ of 80% over and elucidating the reaction mechanism of its CO₂ reduction.

Furthermore, we also will assemble the appropriate system for the CO₂ utilization by using our developed electrocatalyst.


Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd

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