Heat recovery in vegetable oil refining process



At present, we refine vegetable oils. The process can be broadly divided into three stages: a heating stage in which vegetable oils are heated to 200-300 degree C, a refining stage, and a cooling stage in which vegetable oils are cooled to about 60 degree C. We consider   efficient heat recovery in this heating and cooling stage to reduce CO2 emissions related with steam consumption which is used as a heating medium.


① Target in challenge
We reduce CO2 emissions. We verify the effect on investment and promote it at group companies in Japan. If it success in Japan without any problems, we consider expanding it to overseas group companies. In addition, we consider that this concept of heat recovery is applied to facilities other than the refining process.

② Challenges to be overcome
Refining equipment is a combination of continuous and batch process, and the detailed specifications of the equipment in each line differ. Therefore, detailed study is required for each equipment to expand horizontally. At first, it is necessary to check heat balance for and study whether it has a chance of high efficiency heat recovery or not for each facility. In addition, even if there is no technical problem, it is considered that one of the issues is whether the effect on the investment can be obtained. We want to think about use of subsidies positively.

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