Initiatives to realize a carbon-free society by starting operation of “Tokyu Setagaya Line running on 100% renewable energy for the first time in Japan.”

Tokyu Corporation

Tokyu Setagaya Line running on 100% renewable energy for the first time in Japan

System for providing 100% renewable energy power service

Tokyu Setagaya Line route map


 On March 25, 2019, Tokyu Corporation⁽*¹⁾ commenced operations of Tokyu Setagaya Line (Sangen-jaya Station – Shimo-takaido Station) running on 100% renewable energy generated by hydropower and geothermal power plants.

 Railways have lower CO₂ emissions and have less of an environmental impact than other means of transportation. On top of this, we have previously promoted initiatives to curb the consumption of electricity, such as through the introduction of energy-efficient carriages and more energy-conscious operations. This new initiative though extends contribution to a low-carbon/carbon-free society to the procurement of power, and as a result, helped realize "Japan's first⁽*²⁾ urban commuter train with zero carbon emissions."

 The CO₂ emissions reduction effect was equivalent to 1157 tons, which is equivalent to about 331 households’ annual CO₂ emissions, in fiscal 2019. Taking the opportunity of this initiative, together with local residents and other commuters, we will continue to promote sustainable urban development along the community-based Setagaya Line.



 On March 25, 2019, Tokyu Corporation began operations of the Setagaya Line running on 100% renewable energy generated solely from hydropower and geothermal power in collaboration with Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. (Tohoku Electric Power) and Tokyu Power Supply (Tokyu Power Supply).

 Having listed realization of a “low-carbon, recycling-based society” as one of its material sustainability themes, we promotes sustainable management, aiming through its business to “contribute to the creation of a low-carbon and a carbon-free society through energy savings and the optimized use of renewable energies” and to “contribute to the creation of a recycling-based society by promoting the effective use of resources and consideration for ecosystems.” This initiative is a part of this effort.

 Tohoku Electric Power is expanding its renewable energy business and enhancing its services to meet the diverse needs of customers in order to effectively utilize the abundant amount of renewable energy available in the Tohoku and Niigata areas in the future.

 Tokyu Power Supply is participating in this initiative as an agent for Tohoku Electric Power. This initiative will take advantage of the provision of electricity services for urban commuter trains that consumers use in their daily lives as an opportunity to address various environmental issues in line-side areas lifestyles in the future.

 As a result of this initiative, Tokyu Setagaya Line became the first train⁽*²⁾ on an urban railway line in Japan running on 100% renewable energy of all vehicles on a full-year basis. The CO₂ emissions reduction effect was equivalent to 1157 tons, which is equivalent to about 331 households’ annual CO₂ emissions, in fiscal 2019. CO₂ emissions will not increase at all, even if the number of trains operated increases in the future. At the 11th EST Transport Environment Awards, we received the Minister of the Environment's Award for the most outstanding initiatives related to local transportation environments. In addition, we received favorable evaluations from society, including local residents and other commuters

 These days, in our business, which supports the infrastructure of society, consideration for the environment in urban development is an essentially important element against climate change caused by global warming. Going forward, promoting sustainable management while reducing environmental impact will require a long-term perspective.

 Accordingly, based on the long-term management plan formulated in September 2019, we have set the "Long-term Environmental Target (CO₂ Emissions)" as "Zero CO₂ Emissions" to procure 100% of the electricity we use in business operations from renewable energies by 2050.

 In addition, in October 2019, Tokyu Group became the first corporate group to join the International Initiative on Renewable Energy, RE100, in the industry including the railway business of Japan.

 Going forward, we will actively promote reductions of energy use and the optimized use of renewable energy and will ensure that efforts are made in our business activities for a low-carbon/carbon-free society.

(*1) On October 1, 2019 Tokyu Railways Corporation was spun off.

(*2) Results of a case study of joint efforts by the 3 companies of Tohoku Electric Power, 

Tokyu Power Supply and us.


■System for providing 100% renewable energy power service (hereinafter referred to as "renewable energy electricity")

 As shown at left

■Outline of renewable energy electricity

 Tohoku Electric Power and its group company Tohoku Renewable Energy Co., Inc.⁽*¹⁾ generate electricity from renewable energy with zero CO2 emissions at some hydroelectric and geothermal power plants (all of which are not FIT-compliant).

(*1) A comprehensive renewable energy power generation company that generates hydroelectric, geothermal, wind, and solar power.

■Range of use of renewable energy electricity

 Train operations on the main line and in the garage

■Certification of renewable energy electricity to Tokyu by Tohoku Electric Power

・The results of electric power consumption on the Tokyu Setagaya Line and the results of electric power generation at hydroelectric and geothermal power stations supplying renewable energy electricity were confirmed, and it was proved that all of the electric power consumption was renewable electricity in all hours. In April 2020, we also responded to the institutional revision based on the Law Concerning the Advancement of Energy-Supply Structures. By procuring non-fossil certificates in combination, we continued to meet the requirements of RE100.

・Based on the "Calculation, Reporting, and Publication System for Greenhouse Gases Emissions," the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of the Environment compiled reports from electrical operators and published them annually on their websites around July as a menus-specific emission factor (0 kg-CO2/kWh).

■Tokyu Setagaya Line

 A community-based line that crosses the eastern part of Setagaya Ward, connecting 10 stations with about 5km from Sangen-jaya to Shimo-takaido. In Tokyo, there are only a few tramways remaining along with the Tokyo Electric Arakawa Line.

*average number of passengers per day : 58,003 (FY2019)



Tohoku Electric Power Co., Ltd

Tokyu Power Supply Co., Inc


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