Expansion of Financing and Investment Activity Based on SDGs

Kyushu Financial Group,Inc.

Creating a Prosperous Future Together With Kyushu

Achieving Sustainable Growth Together with our customers and the region


Based on its management philosophy “The group will develop alongside local regions and actively contribute in the realization of a vigorous regional society and economy”, the Kyushu Financial Group commits to continuing to contribute to efforts aimed at creating a vibrant and attractive hometown Kyushu as a comprehensive financial group growing together with customers and local regions.

In October 2018, the Kyushu Financial Group established the specialized organization called the Sustainability Management Office for the holding company, and the Sustainability Promotion Offices for its two subsidiary banks (Higo Bank and Kagoshima Bank). Concrete measures are being strengthened to realize a sustainable regional society.


In February 2019, the Kyushu Financial Group drew up a “Sustainability Declaration”, supporting the concept of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and declaring that all executives and employees of the group will responsibly work on SDGs. In addition, the subsidiary banks, Higo Bank and Kagoshima Bank, have formulated the overall sustainability concept based on the declaration, and have been working toward the realization of a sustainable regional society.

In July 2019, the Group released its “Guideline for Investments and Loans” which indicates its basic stance on investment and financing, as well as exemplifies businesses that it actively invests and finances in.

In recognition of implementing comprehensive ESG finance initiatives through SDGs and  ESG promotion in core business, in February 2020, Kyushu Financial Group won the Silver Award at the 1st ESG Finance Award Japan (financing section) hosted by the Ministry of the Environment.
The Group aims to realize a virtuous cycle of environment and economic growth through the following actions.
1. SDGs / ESG related product development
The Group develops products that meet customers’ financing and investment needs, while at the same time enable customers to contribute to the environment and society.

2. Utilization of the national interest supply system
Utilizing the Ministry of the Environment's “Regional ESG loan promotion interest replenishment project” and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's “Interest replenishment project related to energy efficiency   capital investment”, the Group supports customers’ initiatives that contribute to environmental conservation such as reducing CO2.

3.Establishment of ESG finance
The Group establishes ESG finance that evaluates not only conventional financial information but also non-financial information elements to support de-carbonization.

4.Support for the TCFD recommendations  
The Group recognizes climate change as an important management issue. In June 2019, the Group announced its support for the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) recommendations, and in July became a member of TCFD Consortium. To enhance its information disclosure in line with the TCFD recommendations, the Group is proceeding with scenario analysis on climate change, collecting GHG emission data by scope and preparing to disclose climate change informations in its integrated report.


In January 2019, Higo Bank and Kagoshima Bank concluded a “Collaborative Agreement on Central and Southern Kyushu Regional Recycling Symbiosis Sphere” with the Ministry of the Environment, Oita Bank and Miyazaki Bank to jointly promote ESG financing.

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