Planning and execution of corporate GX strategies to realize decarbonized management
- Japan's first comprehensive disclosure of information to GRESB -

ABeam Consulting Ltd.


Under our management philosophy, ‘We lead our clients to new success through transformation contributing continual increased corporate value,’ we have established the sustainability policy to create social impact by solving various social issues, including climate change and decarbonization with consulting services.

Currently, efforts to achieve carbon neutrality are accelerating around the world. In Japan, the 2050 Carbon Neutral Declaration has been made, and GX (Green Transformation; socio-economic transformation associated with conversion to renewable energy and decarbonization) is being promoted in all industries and has become one of the most important management issues. Furthermore, in response to the growing social demand for ESG investment, companies are required to reduce GHG emissions throughout the whole supply chain including business partners, and their accountability to stakeholders such as investors is expanding.

We support the establishment of GX management to realize decarbonized management in the real estate sector, which is one of the major sources of GHG emissions in Japan.


During the transitional period toward carbon neutrality by 2050, there is a need for advanced data management platform which selects the GHG reduction measures with the highest return on investment according to the policies of each country and the fluctuations in energy prices, and unitarily manages GHG data for entire company. In the commercial real estate field, where laws, regulations and information management are complicated, there is a demand for responding to global standards such as GRESB*, and the importance of compliance with ESG is increasing.

Our professional consultants with abundant experiences in providing services for energy management, laws and regulations regarding energy and GHG emissions, GRESB and other external reporting support GX and carbon neutralization with data management tools and consulting services that account for the real estate portfolios and clients’ market environments. As one of our GX promotion services, we joined the Premier Partner of GRESB, the organization managing annual benchmark evaluation which measures ESG response of real estate companies and funds. Based on the partnership with GRESB, webuilt the first infrastructure in Japan that enables comprehensive reporting of energy and environmental data. In addition to reducing the burden of cumbersome data collection and reporting work with spreadsheets, it improves data accuracy and speed of disclosing corporate information.

Utilizing data that we have accumulated so far and the provision of GX services such as the establishment of efficient management systems, we promote carbon neutrality in the commercial real estate sector, which is one of the major sources of GHG emissions, and will contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society.

*GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark)

An annual benchmark evaluation that measures the ESG considerations of real estate companies and funds. Established in 2009 by major European pension fund groups that led the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).


As a Premier Partner of GRESB, which is an organization for annual benchmark evaluation to measure the ESG response of real estate companies and real estate funds, we build a comprehensive infrastructure to support information disclosure to GRESB as the first firm in Japan.

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